Intuit Data Center Outage

Outage Apology from Intuit CIO

Intuit’s CIO announced today, a broad description of the events that led up to the disruptive termination of services to millions of online users.

The direct lick in here:

To our customers,
First of all, please accept my personal apology for the effect that today's service outage had on you and your business. We know our customers rely on Intuit products and services and we take it very seriously when your business can't perform its key tasks.
We're making good progress toward returning to normal.
We're beginning to restore all affected Intuit websites and services. Customers already have access to some sites and we're continuing to work toward full restoration.
We're also learning what happened. Our preliminary investigation indicates the outage occurred during a routine maintenance procedure Tuesday night. An accidental power failure during that procedure affected both our primary and backup systems, taking a number of Intuit websites and services offline. While power was quickly restored, we're working diligently to validate our systems and bring them back into full operation.
Again, we apologize for disruptions we've caused and understand the importance of our services to our customers. We will continue working nonstop until all affected websites and services are fully restored.
Ginny Lee
Chief Information Officer Intuit Inc.

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