09 November 2008

VMware Fusion for Business and Snow Leopard?

Business + Leopard + Fusion = Unity of Business Systems?

The official word from Apple on Snow Leopard:



An excerpt from an InfoWorld article on Snow Leopard, that happens to touch on Fusion for business purposes.

"We're excited about Snow Leopard from a reliability and performance perspective," says Pat Lee, group manager for consumer products at EMC's VMware subsidiary. "For us, it will make running Windows [via VMware Fusion on a Mac] better than ever." He cites the 64-bit OS and use of OpenCL as two key boosts to Fusion's future performance.
The performance improvements, if delivered as promised, will appeal to Mac users of every stripe, but the Exchange support is evidence that Apple is targeting the enterprise. A high-performance Mac OS X with built-in Exchange support that continues to be hardware-compatible with standard PC equipment and support Windows through products such as Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion should appeal strongly to business users, says analyst Gartenberg. "It could bring business users to the Mac," concurs VMware's Lee.

For the full InfoWorld article, use the following link: