Intuit Data Center Power Outage

INTUIT SYSTEMS DOWN:     It may take all day to be back on line: 

There was a massive power outage in the main Data Center last night which had an impact on many systems across Intuit.  This does not appear to have impacted the primary customer-facing systems, but is having ongoing impacts on QuickBase and reporting.  Please be patient while IT works to ensure everything is back on line and working as expected.

The current known applications still impacted is as follows:

eStore and vanity URLs

Order Services


Intuit websites

Possibly Field Service Management

Merchant Services – credit card processing – many are impacted not all
POS Multi-Store Customers – will not be able to synch stores
Payroll Services:
If you have Assisted Payroll and need to process Payroll today call client services @ 888-712-9702
Intuit is working to restore full service to a number of websites that became unavailable at about 7 p.m. Tuesday, Pacific time. Our first priority is to give customers full and complete access to our sites and their data as soon as possible. We are also investigating the cause of the problem and will take measures prevent a recurrence. We appreciate our customers’ patience and will provide more information as it becomes available.

Here is the link to the QuickBase Status Page for more up-to-date messages on another critical service affected by the outage:

The message below is from that service page.

Current Status

06/16/2010 02:30
UPDATE as of 5:00pm ET: We are making progress toward restoring a number of websites affected by a service disruption.  Despite the progress, we’re not yet able to estimate a specific time when all applications will be completely available. We understand our customers’ concerns and apologize for the inconvenience. We are committing every necessary person and resource to restore the important services our customers rely upon as quickly as possible. It’s our top priority. We will continue to provide updates at 30 minute intervals in case we have additional information to share. For non-QuickBase Intuit updates, please go to or