Virtualization and Parallel Processing

Virtualization and Parallel Processing will be the next big opportunity for a wide range of industries to improve their systems and business process. Leveraging this technology will allow companies to choose the best possible business applications across different OS platforms and use them on a single workstation or server.

One example of this technology is Apple's upcoming Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 and VMware Inc's, Fusion. The current version of VMware Fusion coupled with Mac OSX provides improved productivity in my own company - the base technology is already here. But with the introduction of Parallel Processing on the desktop, the potential power this technology will bring to the business community, is staggering.

The hosting services community already uses virtualization technology to virtualize servers for business clients who outsource web hosting, CRM, ERP applications, and other solutions.

The twist is efficiently using this technology in house, for business process applications, on one terminal - Virtualization and Parallel Processing on the desktop. Without an OS that provides native Parallel Processing support, this concept would not be viable, but the future bodes well with Apple's next version of OSX.